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Modern Website Design Lesson 4

Modern Website Design the final Insides

Welcome back So far we’ve learned a bit about what front end development entails and where it fits into the project.

But before we jump in the code, it’s worth taking a break to discuss philosophy. The philosophical approaches to front end web development can really be boiled down into two major camps. The first of those is graceful degradation. This concept came to web design from the engineering world, and the general idea was that you could provide a degraded or lower quality service, or no service to some people, as long as you don’t cause any major errors. Following on that concept, the web design community focused our time and our energy on modern browsers and paid little to no mind to older browsers. Often leaving testing on those browsers to the very end of the project and fixing only the most egregious errors.

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Modern Web Design Lesson 03


Web Site Design – How we do it

Welcome back So now that you know what front end is and a little bit more about what a front end developer does, let’s talk about how and where this role fits into the grand scheme of a project.

The people in our neighborhood when it comes to web design are content strategists, information architects, UX designers, visual designers, front end developers,hopefully you in not too much time, back end developers. And project managers. Let’s look a little bit at what each of these roles does A content strategist looks at the content of a site– the words, the images, the videos.and acts as an overall editor for the project She might peruse the content to ensure stylistic consistency front page to page, or she might evaluate the content needs of the site. The content strategist puts together authoring guidelines for future content, and also establishes a schedule for when content might need to be updated in many ways, the content strategist is looking at the big picture in terms of what is the message the site is trying to get across.And how do we do that most effectively. The next role I want to talk about is the information architect. The information architect typically works closely with a content strategist. They may even be the same person in some instances. And they work to build the blueprint for the site.

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Modern Website Design Lesson 2


Modern Website Design Lesson 2

I’m glad you decided to stick around As I mentioned in the introduction, this course will cover modern website design from the perspective of a front-end modern website design developer.

So the first thing I should probably cover is what the heck is a front-end developer? But before I get there, what the heck is front end? So when we use the term front end, we’re referring to part of a website‘s architecture And front-end technology is stuff like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And we use the term front end to separate it from back end, which is the stuff that makes the web page In all cases, the website is being served by a server, but sometimes we’ve got things like databases which can store your content in them Perhaps they’re storing them as part of a content management system or CMS.

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Modern Website Design Lesson Part 1


Modern Website Design made easy

Welcome to an introduction to modern website design, an online course developed by Aquent. My name is Aaron Gustafson, and every day I work to make the web a better place for users and developers like here on MvA Marketing.

I’ve been working on the web in varying roles from junior modern website designer to manager of all things front end for over two decades. Toward the beginning of my career, I even worked as an independent contractor through Aquent. Over the years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a broad range of clients and brands, including the New York Times, Guinness, Nestle, and American Idol I’m currently a web standards and accessibility advocate at Microsoft, and I want to thank you for joining me today Now, the purpose of this course is to get you up to speed with what it means to be a modern website design and front end web developer.

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