Modern Website Design Lesson Part 1


Modern Website Design made easy

Welcome to an introduction to modern website design, an online course developed by Aquent. My name is Aaron Gustafson, and every day I work to make the web a better place for users and developers like here on MvA Marketing.

I’ve been working on the web in varying roles from junior modern website¬†designer to manager of all things front end for over two decades. Toward the beginning of my career, I even worked as an independent contractor through Aquent. Over the years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a broad range of clients and brands, including the New York Times, Guinness, Nestle, and American Idol I’m currently a web standards and accessibility advocate at Microsoft, and I want to thank you for joining me today Now, the purpose of this course is to get you up to speed with what it means to be a modern website design and front end web developer.

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